Select 12 of your pupils who most deserve a special reward and you can give them a fantastic morning of team fun, before the end of the school year. They don’t need to be the most athletic or gifted; just up for some exhilarating challenges and team collaboration.

To take part we’ve set an aspirational target for each school to raise before the Longfield Games on July 13th. So see how much your school can achieve, but don’t let this put you off. We are here to support you, every step of the way.

If you’d like your school to take part, just call Vicki Hayward on 01453 886868, or get in touch by email, before the end of April. We'll happily discuss any questions you have and offer the support you need. We’ll then send you a pack full of materials, including a Q&A sheet and lots of ideas for raising funds.

In the meanwhile, here's more information about the crazy obstacles and fun challenges that your team will be facing.

Extreme Rush

With slides, tunnels and a zip line to finish. Conquer the obstacles and enjoy the adrenaline.

Build a Burger

Roll the giant dice, collect the ‘ingredients’ and build your burger. Who will be first to finish this tasty test?

Giant Wheel

Test your teamwork and communication inside our human wheel. Go as far as you can, but don’t get a forfeit by stepping on the grass!


Leap, run and slide to collect each puzzle piece. Who can assemble it first?

Blaster Zone

Fire foam balls from your cannon. Hits on the targets (including the other team’s gun !) score points.

Build the Flag

Use our planks to climb the Velcro wall and collect all nine tiles. Can you assemble them correctly to make a national flag?

Sumo Challenge

Don the sumo suit and carry the Olympic torch. But how quickly can you switch the suit to the next team member?

Soccer Dribble

Dribble the football around the obstacles and shoot!

Stepping ‘Stones’

Cross the four giant football ‘steps’ without falling off. Will you get totally wiped out

Energy Zapper

Wriggle, biff and hurdle. A 120 foot relay challenge.

Olympic Rings

Dribble a football or hockey ball and score through the Olympic rings.


Lucky Leprechauns

Dress in the leprechaun suit and ride the space hopper to collect coin treasure.