Aim of Role

Our shops rely on the support of our volunteer Van Drives to provide transport to pick up donations, including furniture from people’s homes, and move stock and donations around Longfield's shops and take rubbish to the tip. 

Our Van travels around our 14 shops almost on a daily basis and we are looking for volunteers to help, either by driving, or being a driver’s mate. 

Responsible to:

Logistics Manager & Retail Manager

Volunteer Commitments

  • To maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • To report any concern/difficulties encountered to the Logistics Manager & Retail Manager.
  • To liaise with the Logistics Manager/Retail Manager regarding any absences or illness.
  • To follow the driver guidelines.
  • To allow plenty of time when collecting & moving donations.
  • To be in possession of a clean driving licence and notify the Retail Manager or Logistics Manager of any changes immediately.
  • To ensure the van is properly maintained.
  • To be flexible with regard to weekly commitments.        

Volunteer Tasks

  • To provide safe transport to and from people’s homes and the Longfield shops of donations and rubbish.
  • To ensure transportation of donations and rubbish is done with due care.
  • To attend relevant meetings/training courses for volunteers.
  • To liaise with the Logistics Manager with regard to availability and weekly driving schedule.   

To find out more contact our Volunteer Manager, Suzie McDonnell. Call 01453 886868 or get in touch by email