Our services help people in different ways, and our referral criteria exist to ensure we understand the person’s needs and support them appropriately. We welcome self-referral, however if referral is by a friend or a family member, GP, Consultant, District Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist and other Health or Social Care Professionals this needs to be made with the consent of the person being referred. The referrer needs to identify the reason for the referral and the current problems requiring specialist palliative care input. Read our FAQ's for healthcare professionals here.

Day Services

Day Services consists of Day Therapy and Outpatient Services.  

We care for patients with a range of conditions; these may be oncological, neurological, circulatory and respiratory in nature. Our multi-disciplinary team can provide support with unresolved symptoms, whether they are physical, psychosocial or spiritual. 

What makes someone eligible for Day Services? 

  • Patient has a progressive, active and potentially life-limiting illness 
  • Patient has unresolved, complex or rapidly changing needs that cannot be adequately met by the current care team 
  • Adults aged 18 years or over  
  • Patient accepts and consents to referral to specialist palliative care services 
  • Registered with a Gloucestershire GP 
  • Relative, partner or carer of patient who has received support or is eligible to hospice services 
  • Family and or/carers looking after the patient may be referred in their own right if their situation is complex and they need additional help and support in order to continue their caring role, even if the patient declines referral for themselves 

Hospice at Home 

We provide supportive care and symptom control, for people in the last three months of life. 

Hospice at home can prevent an unplanned admission to hospital or to assist with discharge from a hospital at the end of life.  

What makes someone eligible for our Hospice at Home service?

    • The patient is an adult with a diagnosis of an advanced, progressive life-limiting illness and a prognosis of three months or less. 
    • The patient and family / carers consent to a referral being made to our Hospice at Home service. 
    • The patient is registered with a Gloucestershire GP.  
    • The patient is on, or to be accepted onto, the community nursing team's caseload. 
    • For Hospice at Home, all referrals need to be made by a healthcare professional, such as a district nurse, GP, consultant or clinical nurse specialist.

    Referrals can be made by any health or social care professional involved with the patient’s care. 

    Please call 01453 733704 Monday to Friday.