Longfield (formerly Cotswold Care Hospice) has launched an ambitious five-year strategy to expand its services across Gloucestershire.

“Longfield has seen significant growth in the needs for its services over
the past five years. We have ambitious plans to take our services across
the county, to enable more people to access our support,” says Andrew Fletcher, the charity's new chief executive.

Following extensive research the charity has changed its name to Longfield, the name of the original house bought to set up the charity.

The aim behind the move is take away the apprehension people sometimes feel about hospices.

People associate hospice as the place where you go to die, and while our Hospice at Home service is vitally improtant for our community, it is only one of several services we provide,” said Mr Fletcher.

The word hospice can be seen by some as a real barrier. We run a wide range of support programmes to enable people to live well with their illness, from the time a patient is diagnosed.”

Longfield is launching community-based outreach services which will be hosted in community venues such as community hospitals, hospital outpatient departments and GP surgeries. The first will be a community based Art for Health service in Gloucester next month.

The longterm plan will be to create satellite centres delivering the charity’s services in key communities where the greatest need is identified.

Download a copy of the strategy