“It’s one o’clock in the morning, the snow has been falling all evening and the lane is really treacherous. My mother has taken a turn for the worse, I’m not at all sure that she’s going to make it through the night and I desperately need somebody experienced here with me.”

And they are there, thanks to the people who have left a gift to Longfield in their will. That money means that our specialist nurses support families at home, every night of the year.

People often recall their wedding vow “… in sickness and in health …” and know that their loved one was passionate about being able to die at home, with familiar people and familiar things around them. Your legacy, will be to allow them to keep those promises.


Support at the very end of life is just part of what Longfield provides. From diagnosis onwards, right through to support in bereavement, we help people with life-limiting illness and their families to have a better life. We enable them to express how they’re feeling and make them better able to cope and to feel more in control of things again.

This is the kind of support that we hope you find important and will be provided to your local community, and to you and your family, when it’s most needed. By leaving us a gift in your will, you will be helping to ensure that Longfield can continue to care and provide this support into the future.


  • In a typical year, the care and support for 1 in 10 of our patients is paid for by Gifts that people leave us in their Wills
  • Whether you leave us a percentage of your estate or a cash sum, every gift means so much to us

Free Online Will Service*

And now we’ve made it even easier to leave a gift by teaming up with Active Wills which are offering our supporters an online basic single or mirrored will for free! For more information, go to Active Wills

Or alternatively give Longfield’s address to your solicitor (Longfield, Burleigh Lane, Minchinhampton GL5 2PQ).

* We recommend you always seek independent legal advice

Leave a gift today however large or small and make a profound difference to your local community.

Of course we hope that it will be many years before Longfield benefits from your generosity but when the time comes please be assured Longfield will put your gift to good use.

Our promise to you

  • We understand that your family and loved ones come first
  • We will not pressure you - we appreciate that it is a decision you will want to make in your own time 
  • We are happy to answer any questions you have and will keep you up-to-date with our work in a way that suits you best 
  • We will handle any gifts you leave sensitively and respectfully
  • We respect your right to privacy and understand if you prefer not to tell us about your decision. At the same time, we would love the opportunity to say thank you if you decide to leave a legacy to support our work
  • We understand that you are free to change your mind at any time about leaving a legacy to us. 

Watch Madeleine and Roger  below as they talk about why they have both decided to leave a Gift in their Will to   Longfield:

Or, download our leaflet.