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"We’ve got a very strong bond of friendship after we were brought together by the bereavement group. I’d recommend it to anybody; it’s the start of your new life. When you walk through Longfield’s doors it’s as if you’re walking into a big hug. "

Bereavement Support Group

Due to current restrictions we are not able to offer Bereavement Support Groups.  We will resume provision as soon as we can.  In the meantime please call our Day Services team on 01453 886868 or email to let us know you are interested and to find out how else we can support you in the meantime.

Most people cope well with grief, if they are well supported by friends and family and have the information they need. We offer this information and support to adults in Gloucestershire who have been bereaved as a result of a death from illness or other natural causes. There’s no need for you or your loved ones to have used Longfield’s services previously. 

These groups provide a warm, confidential and mutually supportive environment, mixing with others in similar situations. Previous attendees of these courses very generously gave feedback, telling us that the group had given them a deeper understanding of their grief, and techniques to cope with and normalise it, reducing their feelings of isolation and remembering their loved one in new ways. Each of the attendees said that they would recommend the group to others. 

Attending one of our Bereavement Support Groups is an opportunity for you to explore your grief with others in a similar position and with a facilitator trained in bereavement support. 

One of the popular techniques taught in the groups has been the ability to relax, by listening to a soothing voice and escaping the distractions of your immediate surroundings. We’ve helpfully recorded some of these for you to use at home, so please visit our Visualisations page and select the one which works best for you.

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