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Professional FAQs

Are Your Services Delivered By Qualified Staff?

All our day services are supported by a mix of qualified staff, registered nurses, healthcare assistants and volunteers.  
Hospice at Home is supported by registered nurses and healthcare assistants, and within the Hospice at Home team there are three clinical co-ordinators who are registered nurses. 
All staff have induction and role specific training, ongoing supervision and receive personal development. 

How Do I Cancel Care for a Hospice at Home Patient?

Please call our Hospice at Home team on 01453 733704. Our on-call service runs from 5:00pm – 10:30pm Monday to Friday and Weekends 7:30am – 10:30pm. Please leave a message and a member of the team will return your call. 

Do I Need to Notify You if a Patient Dies?

Yes, please notify us if a patient who has received hospice services dies. We can then follow up through our bereavement services. It also allows us to cancel any visit or booking that we may have made.  

What Happens If I Need Care For a Patient Our of Hours?
How Would I Make a Referral?
Who Can Be Referred?

Our services help people in different ways, and our referral criteria exist to ensure we understand the person’s needs and support them appropriately. We welcome self-referral, however if referral is by a friend or a family member, GP, Consultant, District Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist and other Health or Social Care Professionals this needs to be made with the consent of the person being referred. The referrer needs to identify the reason for the referral and the current problems requiring specialist palliative care input. 

Do Your Provide Equipment?
If a Patient Has Difficulty Getting to Longfield, How Can They Get There?
Do I Need Continuing Health Care Funding In Place Before I Refer To Your Hospice At Home Service?
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