close up of pink hydrangea flower
close up of pink hydrangea flower

"The paramedics will be pleased too as I always called them out when I became too fearful with my breathing. Since attending I have not called them as I am more confident in managing my breathlessness myself."

Fatigue and Breathlessness Group

If you’re living with a life-limiting illness, then you may experience fatigue, or overwhelming tiredness much or most of the time. You may also suffer from breathlessness, or may experience breathlessness quite separately. Our specialist groups are helping people to cope better with these symptoms – please see the current programme of services or give us a call to discuss your needs and future dates.

Patients who attended a previous specialist group focusing on fatigue and breathlessness gave very positive feedback. The most popular aspect of the group was the techniques taught, which the participants said gave them more confidence to cope better. The hand-held fans provided to assist breathing proved helpful too and the group valued the opportunity to meet other people with similar symptoms and get peer support. One popular technique taught in the group has been the ability to relax, by listening to a soothing voice and escaping the distractions of your immediate surroundings. We’ve recorded some of these for you to use at home, so please visit our visualisations page and click on the one you find the most useful.

Have a look at some of the video testimonials and stories of patients who have benefitted from the hospice services.

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