If you are living with a life-limiting illness you naturally may be concerned about where and how you will be cared for and if your family will be able to cope, as your health deteriorates.

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or another life-limiting illness, you might prefer to stay at home for as long as possible or to die at home. If so, our Hospice at Home team can probably help. You will not be able to request their help yourself, but if you talk to your GP or District Nurse, they will be able to ask for our support when they think it is appropriate.  

Thinking about how you want to be cared for is difficult and can be upsetting to discuss with your loved ones. But taking the opportunity to plan ahead and share with your partner or those closest to you what is important to you, and how you would like to be cared for, may give comfort to your loved ones, knowing that they are carrying out your requests. It will also help you to stay in control, as your condition worsens.

Hospice at Home brings skills and expertise from Longfield into your home. You might feel much happier surrounded by the people and things you love rather than being on a busy hospital ward.

Our Hospice at Home nurses aim to give you that choice by working with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive and seamless care for you and your family. Your GP and the District Nurse will remain as your key contacts, and they, along with other health and social care professionals, will work together to help in carrying out your plans for your care.

We provide care based on your needs, which may include frequent visits during the day from one or two of our team and care overnight, if you need it. We aim to manage symptoms such as pain, breathlessness and nausea, and to give your family support. They may also benefit from the chance to have a rest, take a break or spend some relaxed time with you.