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"22 Aug 1935 - 19 Oct 2017"

Susan Pyle

A truly special Lady Mummy P. She was an amazing Mummy and Nanny to her six grandchildren. She was such a supportive adopted Mummy to so many people. A remarkable strong lady who had a lot of grief in her life and managed to smile through it with a great sense of humour. A friend to everyone and always listened and helped. She was gentle and kind and I decided to dedicate this fundraiser in memory of Mummy P to Longfield and give something back because they looked after her so well and did so much for her. The nurses came to her house daily and helped her so much. She also supported them for years in memory of her husband Alan Pyle. Would love to have a few donations to remember Mummy P and keep her memory alive. She has been gone two years now but is very much with us still. Never forgotten you were a wonderful person and we loved you so so much ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’—



£365.50 31 October 2019

Money donated in memory of Susan


Clare Biggs

£10.00 17 October 2019

Remembering a special lady x


Emma Pyle

£20.00 15 October 2019

Lucy and Badger Ellis

£5.00 14 October 2019

From Badger, to his brotherโ€™s nanna xx

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