Motors for Money

Longfield have teamed up with Stroud Recovery to provide the Motors for Money car recycling scheme.

It’s simple. If anyone has an old vehicle that they want taken off their hands, they can have it scrapped and rather than receiving payment for the scrap value, the proceeds will be made to Longfield as a donation. The hospice will arrange to have the vehicle collected and disposed of by Stroud Recovery.

Jason Wielgus, owner of Stroud Recovery is pleased to pitch-in and help:

“It’s a good idea, I offer it to my customers too. There’s no cost to the customer, they just give us the car and the log book, we sort out the paperwork and take care of the rest – it’s hassle-free for them. We’re all up for raising money for charities, especially local ones like Longfield, and this is a great way to do it.”

The company is donating its services to collect old cars for recycling. They’ll then be scrapped, or if appropriate, sent to auction with all proceeds donated to Longfield.

If you’d like to donate your old vehicle or find out more about the Motors for Money scheme, please get in touch at or ring Fundraising on 01453 886868.

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