If you're living with a life-limiting illness, then you may experience fatigue, or overwhelming tiredness much or most of the time. You may also suffer from breathlessness, or may experience breathlessness quite separately. Our specialist groups are helping people to cope better with these symptoms (see below for the next groups to start).

Patients in our early specialist groups dealing with fatigue and breathlessness have completed their sessions, and their feedback has been very positive. The most popular aspects of the groups were the techniques taught, which the participants said gave them more confidence to cope better. The hand-held fans provided to assist breathing proved helpful too and the group valued the opportunity to meet other people with similar symptoms and get peer support.

One of the most popular techniques taught in the groups has been the ability to relax, by listening to a soothing voice and escaping the distractions of your immediate surroundings. We’ve recorded some of these for you to use at home, so please click on the recording that you find most helpful.

  • Visualisation – ‘Walking towards the ocean’ (female voice)

  • Short Body Scan (male voice)

  • Finding Your Safe Place (female voice)

  • Letting Go of Thoughts  - ‘Leaves on a stream’ (male voice)

  • Guided Relaxation – ‘A walk in a meadow’ (female voice)

Made more aware of knowing my limits, especially to take little breaks to help my body recover when exercising, walking etc.

Head to our Programme of Services to find out when our next fatigue and breathlessness groups are.

If you, or someone you know, might be helped by this group, please call us on 01453 886868 or email us.

Special thanks go to Rotary in Gloucester, who support all of our outreach groups in the city.