Due to lack of interest the Forums have been temporarily suspended. 

When are these held at Longfield?

These will be held every month on the 2nd Thursday or each month. 2.30-4pm

What can we expect?

We want the forums to include topics that you need and want to learn about. A short term programme has been planned but we would welcome your ideas to develop this further. We have planned a different approach to the Forums this next year to enable a different variety of learning opportunities. So, not only will we have speakers, we will have interactive sessions that might include a DVD, Goldfish bowl conversations, opportunities to reflect upon practice or even play the occasional game!

Do we have to book?

Yes please. We need at least six people to attend.

How do we book?

Please contact education to book your place for each session.  All sessions are free

Any questions?

Please get in touch with Education if you have any questions or suggestions

We look forward to meeting you this year.