Each of our shops is unique, so you won’t find any two exactly the same. We ensure that no matter which shop you donate your items to, it is sold in the best possible location so that we can receive the best price.

Many of our shops have parking nearby so you can easily drop off quality clothing, shoes, bric a brac, toys, jewellery, bags, books, curtains, DVDs, CDs, computer games and small electrical items.

We even have a bridal store within our Stroud shop, so wedding dresses, mother of the bride outfits, dinner jackets and tails are very welcome.

We can also collect furniture or larger electrical goods such as fridges and freezers – find out more here.

Top tips

Bag it up

Put all your items in bags or boxes and deliver to the shop. Please take your donations in to the shops, rather than leaving them outside the doors. Find your local shop and opening times. 

Don’t dismiss

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Don’t dismiss items because you don’t think they’ll sell. Our retail team are masters at finding the best time and place to sell your items. Find out more about items we accept.

Gift Aid it

We can claim an extra 25% in Gift Aid on the value of the items that you donate. Please ask your local shop manager about signing up to our scheme – you only have to do it once. Find your local shop.