I became a Trustee at Longfield about 5 years ago. I was introduced by a work colleague and had an interest in the hospice movement as my mother received great support from her local hospice in the later months of her life. 

I retired from full time employment in 2015 having spent 22 years with St James's Place Wealth Management in Cirencester. One of the main drivers for stepping out of full time employment was the the desire to create more time to do the things I wanted to do. Like a lot of people with busy work and family lives I was time poor, and decided the time had come to do something about it.
Having taken to cycling about 12 years ago, Lands End to John O'Groats was always one of those things that was on the 'like to do' list - it is the classic UK based long distance cycle ride.

In this new phase of my life I have both the time to do the event, and probably more importantly the time to train for it. 

Having decided that I was going to do it, it seemed a great opportunity to raise some money for Longfield. I have set a target of £9690 or £10 per mile. I wanted to be ambitious and see what we could do. 
The event starts on 9 September and finishes on 17 September and covers 969 miles over 9 days of cycling. You can find full information about the route here.
The event doesn't follow the most direct route, but instead takes us on a more scenic journey - although I expect that after a few days getting there as directly as possible may seem quite appealing! Having said that I think part of the mental challenge will be about staying in the moment and enjoying the experience rather than being fixated on getting to the finish.
The main question I am asked at the moment is about how well prepared I am. Having never done anything approaching this (I have ridden over 100 miles in a day a few times, but never on consecutive days, certainly not nine consecutive days) it's quite difficult to say. I have ridden over 2000 miles in the past four months and feel as though I am pretty well set - time will tell!
Find out more about Alan's mission on his Virgin Money Giving page.