Our Bereavement Services

Most people cope well with grief, if they are well supported by friends and family and have the information they need. We offer information and support to any adult in Gloucestershire who has been bereaved as a result of a death from illness or other natural causes. It is not necessary for you or your loved one to have used Longfield’s services previously.

We have two information leaflets, one about 'Grieving the loss of someone' and the other describing the 'Bereavement Services' offered by Longfield.

We provide face-to-face support to individuals or couples, or you can join one of our support groups. Either of these services is helpful in learning more about your grief and exploring new ways of coping. 

If you would like a copy of these leaflets or think that one of these services might be of help to you, please call us on 01453 886868 or take a look at our Programme of Services to find out when our next groups start.