What are the benefits?

Many people find that creative arts can help:

  • With breathing and relaxation
  • Build self-confidence
  • Meet and share with others in a similar situation
  • Shorten hospital stays and reduce the number of GP visits

Who is the group for and what is involved?

Adults aged 18 or over living in Gloucestershire with any life-limiting illness, their carers and family members. The Thrive group will focus on themes of nature like the seasons, the colours of the rainbow, or the four elements, and explore them through different creative approaches. You may paint or draw, do some creative writing or clay modelling, listen to music or even sing together. Through these activities, the group looks at how these natural themes have touched, and are still touching, each of their lives. Small groups will be run weekly for 12 weeks, no artistic skill is needed and there is no cost involved.

What do participants say about the groups?

Participants in our most recent groups all gave an overall rating of 'Excellent'. They found the most beneficial things were making new friends and feeling safe enough to be honest about their issues and illnesses.

People had varying perspectives on how it has helped them to cope with their situation:

  • "While I'm here, I'm not thinking about my illness"
  • "Helping me feel accepted by others and accepting who I am"
  • "Lifts spirits, more able to cope"
  • "I forgot the need to go to the GP. Haven't needed to see the Counsellor about confidence so often"

Joining one of our groups may well help you in similar ways. 

Where are groups taking place?

Take a look at our Programme of Services to find out when our next Thrive groups are.

Do I need to book?

Yes please. The group size will be limited so that those people who attend get the most out of the sessions. The course is free.

How do I book? Any questions?

For more information or to book, please call 01453 886868 or email [email protected] 

Special thanks go to Rotary in Gloucester, who support all of our outreach groups in the city.