Longfield Virtual Grand Canyon Challenge- 20 June- 20 July

Join us for the Longfield Virtual Grand Canyon Challenge. Walk, Cycle or Run 75 Miles. 

Sign up and you’ll get access to ‘My Virtual Mission’ to track your exercise on the map and check out the real, spectacular Grand Canyon views through Google Street View on some of the trails. Pretty cool! Invite your family, friends and colleagues to take part too and have fun racing them to the finish, whilst keeping fit!

There are different registration fee options to choose from and setting up a Just Giving page is optional. Anything you donate or raise will help Longfield keep the free care and support going for adults with life-limiting illnesses and their families, in these difficult times. As an incentive, donate or raise over £25 and on completion of the challenge you will receive a Longfield medal, as a thank you.

The challenge start on Summer Solstice weekend on Saturday 20th June. We hope this challenge will replace some of the income lost from the annual Longfield Walk, which cannot take place this Summer.

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Further information

Why is there a registration fee?

A minimum fee is charged to cover administration costs and the cost of each person using the Virtual Mission platform. The more you choose to give to take part, the more the patients and families of Longfield will benefit. It’s entirely up to you!

What is the route?

The route starts at Point Sublime, taking in various sites and view points. You will take on the 74.8 miles along the following trails:

  • Point Sublime Trail
  • North Rim
  • North Kaibab Trail
  • South Kaibab Trail
  • Rim Trail
  • West Rim Trail
  • Hermit Trail
  • Plateau Point Trail
  • Bright Angel Trail
  • Finishing at Bright Angel Campsite

Please note Google Street view is not available at every point of the challenge and is available on the more popular trails from North Rim onwards.

When does it start and finish?

The challenge will open at 9am on Saturday 20th June and will run for 30 days. It is up to you when you start the challenge but it must be completed by the 20th July. It is not a race, you can go at your own pace, although some may choose to set challenges between family, friends or colleagues! You will be able to see each person’s position by their initials or uploaded photo on the map.

How do I register?

Getting registered is super quick and easy!

Go to the link https://www.myvirtualmission.com/missions/51224/virtual-grand-canyon-challenge and press ‘Join’

You choose the amount you wish to pay to join in the challenge- £15, £25, £40 or £60.

£60 could pay for Hospice at Home care for a patient when it is needed most

If you wish to set up a Just Giving page to ask your family, friends and colleagues to sponsor you then please follow the link https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/virtual-grand-canyon

What activities count and how do I record them?

Don’t forget to choose your activity type- cycling, running or walking

You can choose to download the app and connect up to a fitness app in the ‘my connections’ area from the main menu. Fitbit, Strava, Runkeeper, Under Armour, Google Fit and Apple Health/Watch are all supported.

Alternatively, you can manually upload your distance and attach a screen shot or picture of your activity from your favourite fitness app. You can also comment and attach pictures to share with the rest of the challengers- it’s great to share photos of your activities for the news feed. This may be preferable as some fitness apps have a delay before uploading to the site and some once synced attach all steps around the house rather than specific exercise sessions. The manual upload route is super easy and we encourage posting of comments and photos- we’d love to see what you’re up to!

 What other Features do ‘My Virtual Fitness’ offer during the challenge?

  • Leaderboard- to show who in the challenge is in the lead!
  • Amazing streetviews- see your virtual surrounds as you progress along the mission path (where streetview is available)
  • Virtual location information- including weather conditions
  • Virtual awards- earned for progress and achievements along the mission path
  • Newsfeed- you can make comments and like things and communicate to each other on the mission page.
  • Multi device- you can access the mission from either the web or by using the iPhone or Android mobile apps.
  • Participate from anywhere where there is an internet connection
  • Connections- distances can be logged manually or via connection Fitbit, Strava, Runkeeper, Under Armour, Google Fit and Apple Health/Watch are all supported. Samsung Health is not supported, so upload a screen shot or picture into the manual upload area.

Once you've signed up, don't forget you'll need your email and log in details to use the desk top site OR download the app.  If you are going to use a fitness tracker app such as Strava, please be aware that there is a slight delay in uploading the information.  You might find it easier to input your distances manually if you want to see it on the mission board immediately. Also please note some apps count all exercise e.g. around the house, rather than specific exercise sessions. 

If you'd like to speak to a member of the Fundraising Team about this fantastic event, please email [email protected]