Help Longfield to help more people - join #30for30!

As it reaches its 30th year, Longfield plans to build on this firm foundation to help even more people across Gloucestershire. By joining our #30for30 virtual challenge, you will be helping us to achieve this.

We’re asking you to get your boots, trainers or wellies on by getting out and getting active (or just stay in the gym or the pool and have some good clean fun!). So whether you’re a honed athlete, fitness fanatic or trudging dog walker, join Team #30for30 and register your own, unique challenge.  

What to do...

It’s simple, choose your activity and register below either as an individual or as part of a team and join our Team #30for30!  We are asking for an entry fee of £20 per person.  Once you have completed you challenge this will entitle you to a piece of Longfield Bling. Our #30for30 Medals are bespoke, so will stand out in your collection.   If you are taking part in a team pursuit and would like each team member to receive some bling, please make sure each individual is registered.

Where can I do it?...

You can complete your virtual challenge on your own, at the gym on a treadmill, in the countryside, pounding the streets or even with a group of friends – and you can compete anywhere in the world! There’s no time pressure – whatever you do, wherever you do it and the time you set are all individual to you and you will earn your medal for completing whatever challenge you choose.

What happens next?...

To receive your medal please tell us once you’ve walked, run, swum, hopped, jumped or skipped…, email us with the news that you’ve completed your challenge and earn yourself a piece of Longfield Bling. 

And there's more!...

If you manage to organise and complete your challenge before Friday 1st June, you can also join us for free on our Walk for Longfield event (on June 8th) and celebrate with a drink on us.

If you’re looking for inspiration here are some ideas…

  • Run, Walk, Cycle, or Swim 30K- A fun way to raise funds and get fit into the bargain! Organise this to suit your fitness level: How about 1K a day for 30 days?
  • Or 3K on 10 days?
  • Or maybe you can do 30K all at once. Fundraise for us in our 30th year to help us secure another 30 years of  supporting people with life- limiting illnesses to live well.
  • Walk for 30 muddy minutes a day for 30 days.

Want to take part as a team, how about…

  • Get a team involved. Host a charity sports match where players pay to enter. Any team game counts, from five-a-side football to netball to softball.
  • Do a Team-Athon. From tennis and football to dancing and skipping, pick your favourite activity to make it an endurance ‘Athon’. Spin-Athon, Dance-Athon, Skip-Athon. 
  • Cycle as a team. Cycle a long distance – do a team relay.
  • Old school sports day! Sack races, tug of war, egg and spoon.
  • 30-minute trials. See who can get the furthest in 30 minutes on static bike, rower, treadmill.

All of these ideas could raise even more money for Longfield if held as a sponsored event too!

Whatever you choose to do, we can help by providing you with a fundraising pack, balloons, collecting tins, buckets, and banners.

We all use lack of time as a major excuse for not doing things. ‘I ran out of time’, ‘I was too busy’, ‘No time for that, I’ll do it tomorrow … if I have time’.  Sadly, many of the people we support don’t have time on their side. Please help by being part of the #30for30!

Booking for this event has now closed.