On the 9th June 'Team Mummy/Vicky' including Spencer, Angie and Ron took part in our Walk for Longfield to raise funds for Longfield because of the wonderful care and support given to their family.

"Not a day goes by that we don't think of our precious Vicky. Spencer was just 7 months old when Vicky, his Mummy and our daughter, passed away after being diagnosed with Bowel Cancer when Spencer was just 6 weeks old. 

Longfield were there for us at the end of Vicky's life. We could not have got through it all without them, their care and understanding is second to none. Their support didn't stop there and we know that should we need it, they will always be there for us. 

Spencer is now nearly 5 and keen to take part in our walk for Mummy. We are hoping to have a good number of us in 'Team Mummy/Vicky' so Spencer will have plenty of opportunities for a piggyback if needed"

Below are some of the photos from Spencer, Angie and Ron's Walk for Longfield.


Thank you so much to Spencer, Angie, Ron and all of Vicky's family and friends who came along. It was a lovely evening and it was wonderful to have you all there supporting us. A wonderful £325.00 has been raised in sponsorship for the walk by Spencer, Angie and Ron for which we are very grateful.

This amount will be added into the Tribute Fund which has been set up in memory of Vicky.

Thank you!