Well, what a day. I am extremely happy and proud to say that today I completed the Birmingham Half Marathon, raising over £400 for Longfield Hospice in the process. My time was 2:24:25 which I’m absolutely delighted with especially as there is a really horrible hill at mile 11 that seems to go on and on and on!

It was fantastic today to have the support of my family – my Mum, Dad and sister managed to come up and see me run and spurred me on, on several different occasions (meaning it felt like they walked a half marathon trying to find me!)

I’m writing this whilst laid on the sofa not wanting to move, as I’m not sure that my body (mostly my legs and feet) will let me walk! Still…I think I deserve a rest! The atmosphere on the course today was absolutely superb and so a huge thank you to the people of Birmingham for willing us through it, giving high-fives, providing jelly babies, singing…you name it, the people did it! I was also very lucky to be able to run the first 7 miles with a friend from a band I play in – Jim – and it was such a help to run with someone else! He also completed the half marathon in a very respectable time…so well done to him too!

It has been an absolute pleasure being able to write this blog for Longfield and give you an insight into the support that they have give my Mum over the past few months. They really are a fantastic charity, and I would urge you to find out more about them if you don’t already. My Mum still has a way to go with her treatment, but Longfield have made her treatment so much more bearable I know. Thank you.

If you have a spare couple of pounds, I would be extremely grateful for any donations you could give to Longfield: www.justgiving.com/emily-jenner