Ella Walsh, a professional storyteller, hosted the day designed to enable carers to express themselves creatively.

“People who care for others need a creative way to look at their life. Stories can be a healing way to help people manage the pain and anxiety of caring,” says Ella.

“It’s been a wonderful day. Some of the carers first said they didn’t want to say anything but thanks to Ella everyone has participated in the storytelling,” said Johnny Coleman, Carer & User Involvement Lead at Longfield.

“People are chatting to each other and being supportive to each other.”

The 12 carers who attended the workshop, which included lunch, praised the event.

“What I enjoyed most was the participation and the talking,” said Ron Manuel who cares for his wife.

Carers said they valued the opportunity to meet and to share life experiences in a relaxed and safe environment. 

Longfield runs two carer support groups which meet regularly. To find out more contact Johnny Coleman on 01453 886868.