Summer has finally arrived, but it has been one long cold winter! Heavy snow presented quite a challenge during the winter months, but with determination and a lot of snow shovelling, we managed to keep all our day services and bereavement services open on all bar two days. It was particularly tricky for our Hospice at Home team to access patients, including those with homes in the more remote valleys. However, you will be pleased to hear that with the help of some 4x4s and the dedication of our nurses and carers, we did manage to get to all those who needed this essential care.

The Longfield gardens have also struggled with the cold, but at last our gardening team, including many volunteers can get busy making it beautiful once more.

Last May, we invited supporters to remember a loved one and to see the allium remembrance garden at our Allium Cream Tea. It was a lovely occasion despite the alliums not being quite in ‘full bloom’ owing to the vagaries of our weather.

This year, because of the late spring we have no idea when the alliums will come into flower. Because you are important to us here at Longfield and because we want you to feel welcome to come here to remember your loved one, we would like to let you know when the alliums are ready and invite you to come in at your leisure to see them and enjoy the gardens.

Our gardens are open evenings and weekends throughout the summer if you would like to visit them.

If you would like to make a donation towards the work of our bereavement services, please click here.