Christmas is a time when we meet up and spend time with our families and friends. It is also a time when we value the memories of those who are no longer with us and celebrate how much they will always mean to us. This year, the Longfield Christmas tree will be adorned with hundreds of stars, each and every one dedicated to a loved one. We invite you to dedicate a star to celebrate the life of someone you hold dear.

Dedicate a star today and make a donation to Longfield.

  • By dedicating a star, you will help someone in Gloucestershire to be supported by our Hospice at Home nurses, surrounded by their family in their final days.

  • By dedicating a star, you will help a bereaved family to receive counselling at what can be a very difficult time for remembering a loved one.

  • By dedicating a star, you will join together with other people to remember.

You can choose to dedicate a star for each of your loved ones or on behalf of a friend or family member. A gift to remember someone special.

Join us for our Light Up a Life Celebration

We would also like to invite you and your family to join us for our Light Up a Life celebration, which will be held at Longfield, Minchinhampton, on Sunday 10th December. We will all gather at 3.30pm to remember together and hang our stars on our tree.

If you choose to join us on the 10th December, you will have the opportunity to write the name of your loved one on your star before they are hung on the tree. If you are not attending we will write the name on for you and ensure your star is hung on the tree over the festive period.

Put something memorable on our Christmas tree this year and dedicate a star today.

Our Celebratory Light Up a Life Christmas Tea is now full

Our Christmas Teas are now full but you can still join us for our Celebration at 3.30pm.