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Wellbeing Guidance During Covid-19

Whilst we are all following guidance on social distancing and even self-isolating it is especially important to try and do all that we can to look after our wellbeing. The advice is clearly that wherever possible we should be staying at home.

We hope to bring together lots of ideas about how you can do this, and we will add to these pages as time goes on so please feel free to pop back again in the future!

Try not to listen to/read/watch too much media. It can increase your anxiety if too much of your day is spent focusing on coronavirus. It can be important to keep up to date with advice, but perhaps limit this to a specific time of the day and ensure that the information you are accessing is from a reputable source such as

It is good to establish a routine so that you have some structure to your day still.

Maintain links with friends and family. There are lots of ways in which we can still keep in touch via phone or through video chat.

Keep up with exercise and/or activity. Although we may have to adapt what we do there are plenty of things that you can do around the home even.

There are plenty of exercise instructors offering online classes so have a look and see what suits you!  Do take care though, if you have any underlying health conditions as even his programme for the elderly is pretty hard going and is probably not the right thing for you!

If you have ever attended falls prevention exercise classes in the county, then the team who train up NHS staff and Exercise Instructors on the evidence based exercise classes, have regular exercise slots that you can join. If you are really tech savvy then these are available live, but for most searching on YouTube for the short workouts that are being provided several times a day are available if you search for “Make Movement your Mission”, Provided by Later Life Training and Bex started doing sessions on 23rd March.

It may be best to start with video 1 and then just progress as far as you feel comfortable. If her progressions become too difficult for you then you can stick at a particular level until you feel ready to progress, or if you have a bad day you can choose one of the earlier videos again.

To help with motivation of moving regularly they have also made their 2020 calendar open for people to download so that you can perhaps challenge yourself to making sure you do exercise every day. See: for details.

If you have space where you are able to get out into the garden or local open spaces safely whilst still maintaining distance from others then do so, unless you have received guidance to stay indoors. It is recognized how beneficial nature is for our feelings of wellbeing.

If you have been given exercises by a physiotherapist and never found the motivation to keep them up, then now maybe this is the time to develop a good habit.

Perhaps try Tai Chi or Yoga, both as a form of exercise but also as a really good way of helping you to relax.

Housework itself can be made into activity and exercise, how about putting some music on and dancing your way through any daily chores – no need to worry about whether you are any good or not (unless anyone has the video going), just have fun.

Try to make sure that you are moving regularly throughout the day, you could even set an alarm that reminds you to move every 30-45 minutes.

Watch this space, as we hope to add more ideas of things that you can do around the home to keep yourself fit and strong.

In several of our groups we use relaxations. These can be really helpful, but do take some practice, so why not try some of these found here  

There are also lots of other versions online in apps, YouTube, or as specific training that you can sign up for.

Consider setting yourself a creative challenge for the week, perhaps setting the same challenge to others and then maybe compare your results at the end of the week.

Is there a hobby that you have been meaning to take up and never quite got around to? Perhaps you have always wanted to learn calligraphy, to play an instrument, or a foreign language. Well maybe now is the time to do so, when you have time, and the distraction of taking on a new challenge may be really helpful. Some colleges are even offering free training courses so consider searching these as well as other online options.

There are lots of sites offering input about wellbeing, including the following:

MIND charity who frequently help people with anxiety issues, so have lots of expertise:

Government pages / Public Health England:

NHS pages:

There are lots of things being set-up in local communities so if you either need help for yourself, or someone that you know of, or if you feel that you can offer that help yourself then get in contact via the following link:
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